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Credit & Check Payment Processing


You and I are also consumers, let’s take a look at what’s in our wallets.

Credit cards, a debit card, two ones and some mixed change. Because of its convenience, Credit and Debit Card Processing has become the leading and preferred form of payment by consumers.

As a business, accepting cash-only could potentially mean losing out on thousands of dollars of revenue per year.

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With 1.5 billion credit cards in use nationally, Card Processing services is worth the investment.

Our Merchant Program offers multi-functioning terminals and pin pads with an extensive variety of capabilities. To see which models we carry please contact us.

Do you take weekly trips to the bank just to deposit your stack of checks?

Our small compact check readers allow you to electronically deposit checks into your account from customers in real quick time. Saves you time and eliminates fraudulence.

Do you prefer to use your phone for most of your business activities?

We can help you stay ahead of the curve. Ask us about our Mobile Apps and Swipers.

* All Merchant Service Programs can support all major credit & debit cards, e-check, ACH transactions, bill payments, gift and store value cards. All amenities can be included on one statement which means no additional fees, compared to our competition!


Our Merchant Services Program will increase your businesses sales.



And we understand that choosing the right processing company for your business can be a challenge.



...but every day you wait you lose potential customers!

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We are a provider of Commercial Financing services for businesses in all 50 states and Canada. We specialize in custom programs to fit any size business and their diverse needs.

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