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No SaaS platform will ever be out of your budget.

Operate more efficiently and in turn grow your business with a custom tailored Cloud CRM Platform.



Get Cash for Your SaaS!  

$5,000 to $500,000

Best For

Cloud Management, SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS

Average Terms

Weekly and Monthly Payment Plans


Any Cloud Related Function



Everyone is talking about the cloud...

It is transforming how businesses manage their internal organizational structure. Cloud computing is the revolutionary platform which helps businesses of all sizes increase its’ functionality and sales without adding physical software and personnel as the business begin to change and grow.

A single platform can do it all; manage data storage, capture new business inquiries, transform customer interactions, launch marketing campaigns, and strategize your next move to grow the business.  


Does a single cloud management structure seem out of reach for your business?




As a cloud user ourselves we understand the costs associated with customizing the perfect platform. And believe us when we say it is worth it! However we have narrowed down the reason why most businesses cannot commit to transforming their business to the cloud: there is no payment plan, deferred payments, etc. Your business must pay for the cloud in full up front for the entire year’s subscription!

Maybe your business can start small and just afford 15 user licensees, and you hope next year you will have enough budgeted to add the marketing app that would really help increase your sales.

Well we have created the perfect Cloud Financing Solution. So you can get all the bells and whistles when you need it, for affordable payments.

All Working Parts of Your Cloud can be Financed


                      Cloud Provider - Annual Payment Due Immediately (example costs)Our Financing Program Is Based On A Weekly Payment Program
USER LICENSES$750 per user
APPS$500-$15,000 per app


$20,000+ in customized functionality

$45,000 annual cost

(Estimated cost, total due at cloud activation)

 $50 per user, per week

(Financing program includes all costs asscoiated with your cloud)

The Financing Process


1 Apply Online 2 minute application


1 Provide Bank Statements  business or personal bank statements accepted


1 Finalize Documents electronically sign contracts with our secure process


1 Receive Financing directly deposited into your bank account




Don't wait a moment longer. Give your Business a Boost!



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About ILS

We are a provider of Commercial Financing services for businesses in all 50 states and Canada. We specialize in custom programs to fit any size business and their diverse needs.

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