Don't let pricey assets hold you down.


Sell a company asset, usually in the form of equipment and gain ample working capital funds for any business expense in return!

What is a Sale and Leaseback of Equipment?

A financing solution in which a business has ownership of a piece of equipment, sells it to a financial institution (ILS), in order to lease back from ILS for a specific period of time.

The purpose of the Sale and Leaseback Solution is to enable businesses to raise money by off-loading equipment assets at fair market value to a buyer, who will take over the investment on the piece of equipment.

A new lease agreement is created where the business leases the equipment from the buyer for a particular time period. At the end of the lease agreement, options to renew the lease or buy back the equipment is available.

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Leaseback Benefits

>   Boost cash flow & set aside capital for other business expenses

>   Tax benefits

>   All types of commercial equipment is eligible

>   Equipment costing up to $500K qualifies

The Financing Process

Apply Online   2 minute application

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Provide Bank Statements   business or personal bank statements accepted

Finalize Documents  electronically sign contracts with our secure process

Receive Financing  directly deposited into your bank account

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media financing, video camera
media financing, video camera
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media financing, video camera
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